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Hi, I'm Melissa.

I help women lose weight for the last time- by ditching fad diets and building a winning relationship with food.


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meet Melissa

Creator of Drop the Diet Weight Loss

I am on a mission to teach women that a weight loss journey can be simple, feel good and actually work for good.

The diet and fitness industry is riddled with resistance causing so many women to feel defeated and hopeless. It's time to change this, dammit! 

Join me in this movement to find emotional freedom from food and love the skin you're in even more.

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Coaching with Melissa

Drop the Diet Weight Loss Coaching Program

The most comprehensive coaching program that teaches women how to lose weight for the last time...

Without all the BS rules, overwhelm, and over-complicated plans. 


Drop The Diet Weight Loss



We dig into all things weight loss, nutrition, habit change, mindset and fitness. Grab your cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired and empowered by learing an entirely new path to weight loss. 




I have been on different diet plans, expensive, cheap, free, cleanse, keto, whole thirty, you name it, but this is the only experience where I never felt I was actually on a diet. I learned about food, watching labels and make the right choices. Melissa taught patiently on how to eat better and not to feel restricted. It has really made a difference for good. And she is a great trainer!