The #1 thing you need to know to lose weight…


It has to feel good and doable (think long term here) for you - - not Sally next door who drank only pickle juice for a week, or that 22-year old personal trainer with those abs- you know the one!


Now, this may sound obvious but think about this for a minute. How many times have you started a 'diet' that had you doing something you didn't really like? Cutting out your favorite foods? Feeling starving all the time? Drinking your lunches? No thank you!


If you’re feeling Hopeless- frustrated- like you’re doomed to be overweight forever…

You’re not broken! There's nothing wrong with you. You can give the diet industry a big whack on the back for this one. Keto, cleanses, the grapefruit diet- yep that’s a real one. Ahhhhh!


You have been taught that weight loss should feel hard and we associate it with misery. So you load up our plates with chicken, broccoli and cardboard, and before you know it you've 'slipped up.' And now feel as though you've failed- good thing Monday will be here soon...Enter the yo-yo dieting rabbit hole.


These diets aren’t teaching you the most important thing- how to be in control around food- how not to overeat our favorite things. In fact- they often encourage you to obsess over the things you can’t have.


When you finally drop the noise- you drop the weight.


Because In reality, weight loss has little to do with the actual food you are putting in your mouths or how active you are… Now that’s still good stuff- but the real magic happens when you begin to change your thoughts and habits around food and yourself- that’s when the weight falls off.

Dig into the reasons you’re using food to ‘fix’ things other than hunger.


These fad diets do not teach you - - how to not have 3833023 keto cocktails, “0 point” foods or “green foods.” They do not teach you how to not overeat.


When you want long term results, you cannot go after short term solutions.


Here, you get to decide what feels good for you to actually enjoy your journey. You are going to celebrate the 'slip ups' and love your decisions. See ya diet rules and cardboard!


Welcome to the feel good weight loss movement. I can't wait for you to get started.