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I coach women who are totally over fad diets to lose weight for the last time by building a new level of self-trust and a winning relationship with food.

Hey, I'm Melissa.

A licensed nutritionist and fad diet drop-out.

Women come to me when they're feeling exhausted, frustrated and defeated from constantly worrying if and how they will ever lose the weight. Together, we create new habits and behaviors that are doable and enjoyable. We stop the self-beat and start showing up as the women we want to be. 👯‍♀️

I have an 8+ year background in nutrition and fitness. I've helped hundreds of women successfully lose weight. Women with special dietary needs, under-active thyroids, PCOS, peri-and post- menopausal...(yes! you all can lose weight too).

I've been self-employed- successfully running my own brick and mortar studio in Chicago- for 6 years.

When I'm not coaching, I'm working on my podcast- Drop the Diet Weight Loss Podcast.



...cue the Skinny Pop...

1. I live in Chicago with my grey-faced, wire- haired chihuahua-yorkie mix (yes, it’s quite the combo)! Never lived outside IL except for college. Where I ventured all the way to...Indiana. 

2. I have a love for crocs-the shoes, and of course with the fur.

3. If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be buttered noodles or wait, french fries...Don’t make me choose. I’m a libra- decisions are hard. 

4. I’m obsessed with learning - online courses, books, podcasts; the occasional episode or three of Grace and Frankie. Hey, those ladies are wise!

5. I’m on a mission to help women lose weight without the nonsense by building a new level of self trust, enjoying the journey and loving themselves along the way. I have taken everything I’ve learned from helping hundreds of women jump off the yo-yo dieting bandwagon and lose their weight for good and packaged it into a simple framework.


6 Biggest Weight Loss Myths

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