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The Program 




How would it feel to...

Lose weight and actually enjoy the process


Find emotional freedom and peace around food


Have coaching and accountability support


Drop your weight for the last time



The Drop the Diet Weight Loss Framework: DIBS 


Say good-bye to the bs rules, quick fixes and yo-yo dieting. Drop the diet mentality.


Discover the thoughts, behaviors and habits keeping you stuck. Conquer the overeat urges.



Build the foundation with 4 simple, straight-forward weight loss habits.



Small, doable steps to building new, life-long habits to keep the weight off for good.




This program was life changing for me. After trying different diets, losing weight but getting it all back every time, this was the only experience where I never felt I was actually on a diet. Instead, this taught me about food, understanding labels and planning my meals without feeling I was making a huge sacrifice. I lost 35 pounds in 6 months, and I have stayed consistently on the same weight, plus or minus 2 pounds, for a whole year.

Melissa's program helped me learn how to eat better without feeling restricted. Even if I go away on vacation, when it is hard to be organized and keep healthy habits, I can be flexible and social. I always tell everybody: "I can eat anything I want or like, I just choose when and how much."
It's a not just a weight loss program, it's a lifestyle.


I transitioned to Melissa as a nutrition coach from my coach in Pennsylvania. Even from a distance we were able to really connect and she was able to help me work through many of the hurdles I was having at the time. I had been working in a nutrition program for 3 years and had success and Melissa’s fresh perspective was tremendously insightful. So much of weight loss isn’t just about what you put in your mouth. For so many of us, it’s about our relationship with food and ourselves. Being an emotional food addict creates unique challenges that she helped me over come and work through. I highly recommend Melissa for any type of nutritional and weight loss support. This program is one of a kind.

Drop the Diet coaching is for you if...

  • You're ready for a feel-good plan you're excited to stick to.
  • You're exhausted from hopping from one quick fix to the next.
  • You feel you don't have enough time, motivation and will power. *hint: you do*
  • You can't wait to see what you can accomplish when you stop spending so much energy focusing on your body/weight.